The 7th Les Arcs European Film Festival, running from December 12th to 19th in the French Alps, will feature numerous Croatian films and co-productions in competition and industry programmes. Les Arcs is also one of the most important festivals for networking and film promotion, where over 120 films will be screened, and more than 500 filmmakers and film professionals will be in attendance.

The official competition will screen ten films vying for the Crystal Arrow including the Icelandic-Danish-Croatian co-production Sparrows directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson, and co-produced by Croatia’s MP Film Production. The Hauteur programme, which features a selection of some of the best European films, will screen Dalibor Matanić’sThe High Sun, and the Dutch-Croatian co-production Full Contact, directed by David Verbeek, and co-produced by Croatia’s Jaako Dobra Productions.

The festival’s industry programme will introduce three local projects. Sonja Tarokićwill present her feature film project The Staffroom, produced by Zagreb’s Kinorama, to potential investors and funds. The Work-in-Progress programme, which will introduce ten films in post-production, will include Hana Jušić’s debut feature film Quit Staring at my Plate, as well as the animated documentary co-production Chris the Swiss by director Anja Kofmel, co-produced by Croatia’s Nukleus Film.

A Somewhat Better Ending at Baltic Events

Feature film "A Somewhat Better Ending" directed by Miha Knific and produced by Nukleus film has been added to the lineup of 14th co-production market Baltic Events, taking place from 16th until 18th of November in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Baltic Event is the largest film market in northeastern Europe, and takes place during the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. The market is aimed at the development of feature film projects in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe who have already completed the script, a local / national financial support and targeting the theatrical distribution and have the potential to be developed as international co-productions.

There will be 12 projects participating from 11 European countries.

"A Somewhat Better Ending" is based on the novel written by Bekim Serjanović, the scriptwriter is Marjan Alčevski, it will be directed by Miha Knific and produced by Siniša Juričić from Nukleus film. The film is about Beks, an immigrant who after the death of his Norwegian girlfriend comes back to a little Bosnian village because he needs peace and solitude. But there he meets a young girl that he falls in love with... The film gradually reveals the truth of what haunts Beks and depicts a man who has spent adulthood burdeneded by his past. This is the story of how he finally faces the truth - and survives.

The project has previously participated in the development program Babylon and the Torino Film Lab (Lab Adapt program), the Rotterdam Lab and workshop ACE (MEDIA), and is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre for the development of scenarios and by the SEE CN fund.

Full Contact in competition at 40th Toronto International Film Festival

The minority coproduction FULL CONTACT by acclaimed Dutch director David Verbeek was produced by Lemming Film, and was shot in locations in Croatia that mirrored locations in Yemen, the Nevada Dessert, Brussels and a deserted ocean island. Ninety-five percent of professionals working on the film were Croatian; among them Costume Designer Zorana Meić, Make-Up Artist Ana Bulajić Črček, and Set Designer Mario Ivezić, while each was head of their own department. Tuna Film offered technical support throughout filming.

4 million HRK were spent on filming in Croatia of which a 20% return was enabled through funding provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. 

The lead roles are played by French film stars Gregoire Colin, Slimane Dazi and Lizzie Brocheré, while Jaako Dobra Productions, in cooperation with Nukleus Film was responsible for filming in Croatia. Producers are Siniša Juričić, Leontine Petit, Eva Eisenloeffel and Joost De Vries, while Frank Van Den Eeden is head of cinematography. Full Contact is a psychological thriller about a military operator who controls American drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan from his base in Nevada.

Interruption in competition at the 72nd Venice Film Festival

The Orizzonti (Horizons) competition of the 72nd Venice Film Festival will feature Belladonna, a short film directed, written and edited by Dubravka Turić and produced by Zdenka Gold, as well as the minority coproduction Interruption by Greek director and screenwriter Yorgos Zois, produced by Siniša Jurčić. The Orizzonti is one of two competition programmes in Venice, announcing upcoming global trends and new and interesting names, while screening films from established creators. 


The Orizzonti Jury at this year’s festival will be headed by cult-film Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme. The 72nd Venice Film Festival will run from September 2nd to September 12th. 

At a one-day presentation of new feature films from Central and Eastern Europe, Works in Progress, intended for international distributers, sales agents and festival programme coordinators, two Croatian minority co-productions will be presented, after being granted HAVC’s funding: Houston, We Have a Problem! by Žiga Virc, in co-production with the Croatian company Nukleus Film

Eurimages grants support to project "When My Father Became A Bush"

Film "When My Father Became A Bush" directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk, in co-production with Lemming film from Netherlands and Minds Meet from Belgium was granted Eurimages support on their recent, 139th meeting in Prague.


Eurimages has granted support to  31 co-productions this spring - 27 feature films, 3 documentaries and 1 animation film.


Official press release (in French).

Production of Animated Documentary Chris the Swiss Begins in Zagreb

The production of the award-winning animated documentary Chris the Swiss, by the Swiss director Anja Kofmel, began mid-June in Zagreb. The film is produced by the Swiss Dschoint Ventschr Filmproducktion and co-produced by Croatian Nukleus Film. In the following nine months the animation will take place at Nukleus’ premises in Zagreb. The film is the first animated feature film benefitting from the Croatian film production incentive since its introduction in 2012.

The film’s production costs in Croatia amount to approximately 8 million Kuna, and thanks to HAVC’s filming incentive the film will benefit form 20% return of justified local expenditure, i.e. around 1.5 million Kuna. Around 30 animators will work on the film, half of them from Croatia. The animated documentary Chris the Swiss is told from director Anja Kofmel’s point of view and it focuses on a young Swiss journalist, her cousin, killed near Osijek in the early 1990s. Animated sequences intertwine with real, documentary scenes in which the director sheds light on the circumstances surrounding his death.

Chris the Swiss won the Golden Zagreb Award at Animafest 2013 for best project in development, and in 2014 it won Eurimages grants. The film is also backed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre in the film co-production with a minority Croatian share category. The completion is expected in March and the premiere is scheduled for autumn 2016.

Our documentary film "Houston, We Have A Problem!" was awarded with a subvention of Doha Film Institute within their 2015 Sprin Scheme. Doha Film Institute primarily gives out subventions to first and second-time filmmakers. Fatma Al Remaihi, CEO of the Doha Film Institute, said: “Our Spring grantees demonstrate the strength of new work coming from emerging filmmakers with 23 projects awarded to first- and second-time directors and a strong selection of short films by new talents to watch. These grants give support to projects with diverse regional perspectives and genres, underlining the Doha Film Institute’s commitment to the development of innovative new voices in cinema which is also echoed in our recently launched development platform, Qumra.”

Nukleus film receives four awards at 24th Days of Croatian Film

At the recent 24th edition of the Days of Croatian Film, Nukleus film received a total of four awards for two films - best minority co-production award was awarded to the film "The Chicken" directed by Una Gunjak, the Jury Prize for Ethics and Human Rights was awarded to "Little Miss Roma" directed by Vesna Čudić, which was also awarded by the audience of Days of Croatian Film. Finally, Octavian Award for best feature film was awarded to the film "The Chicken". In the competition of 24th Days of Croatian Film were 73 films in total, in all categories - short and medium-length, feature, animation, experimental, documentary and specific categories. The program was held at cinemas Tuškanac and Europa.

End of shooting of "Perseverance"

Shooting of our feature film "Perseverance" directed by Miha Knific was completed today in Italy. After 37 days of shooting in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Italy, the last shot was taken in the mountains of South Tyrol. The film is co-produced by Nukleus film Slovenia, Nukleus film Croatia, This & That Productions from Belgrade and helios from Bolzano. The film is expected to go into distribution in early 2016.

The Chicken Wins European Oscar!

At the European Film Awards ceremony that took place in Riga 13 December 2014, short film The Chicken, written and directed by Una Gunjak, has won the European Film Award for best short film! The Chicken takes place in 1993 in occupied Sarajevo and focuses on a six-year-old girl Selma, whose father sends her a chicken as a birthday present. The film was fully shot in Zagreb, in Croatian arrangement. The Chicken has so far won over 20 festival awards and it has been selected for the international short film competition at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The list of all awarded films is available here.

The Chicken at Sundance Film Festival

Short film The Chicken, directed by Una Gunjak, has been selected for the international short film competition at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, one of the most important festivals of independent film in the USA.  The Chicken takes place in occupied Sarajevo in 1993 and tells the story of a six-year-old girl named Selma, who gets a chicken as a birthday present from her father. The film was written and directed by Una Gunjak, the director of photography is Matthias Pilz, editor Anja Siemens, and composer Bernd Schurer. The film stars Mirela Lambić, Esma Alić, Iman Alibabić and Mario Knezović. The producer is Jelena Goldbach from the German production company Zak Film Productions, with Siniša Juričić at Nukleus film as the Croatian co-producer. The film was co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. TRAILER

The Chicken Wins Award in Montpellier

Short film The Chicken written and directed by Una Gunjak won the best short film award at Cinemed - International Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier. The Chicken had its world premiere at the 67th Cannes Critics’ Week in May and was awarded with the Heart of Sarajevo in the short competition of the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival. It is among 15 shorts nominated for European Film Award. Cinemed’s prize is a twelfth festival award for Una Gunjak’s film.

New Awards to Una Gunjak’s The Chicken

Short film The Chicken, written and directed by Una Gunjak won the best short film award at Maxfest Festival of Audiovisual Arts, taking place in Massafra, Italy, 12-19 October. The award explanation says the film “uses simple language and evocative power to successfully show in only a few minutes the entire range of human emotions, from a child’s delicacy to the cruelty of war”. The film also won the Grand Prix at the 12th Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tanger, Morocco, taking place 13-18 October, among 56 short films from 19 Mediterranean countries. At the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, The Chicken won the second place for best short film because of its “light humor and thrilling suspense (that) are the result of a balanced script, fine actors’ direction and a creative dialogue between camera work and off screen sound”, said the jury in explanation.

Croatian Audiovisual Centre Supports Minority Co-production 15 Minutes

Short documentary film 15 Minutes, directed by George Larsen and Kasper Vedesmand, has been granted 250.000,000 kuna (32.600,000 euro) at a recent public call for Audiovisual Production in the Minority co-production category (deadline July 18 2014). Film is produced by Danish company Final Cut for Real, and co-produced by Nukleus film.

The Chicken Nominated for European Film Award

The German-Croatian film The Chicken, written and directed by Una Gunjak, has earned a nomination for the 27th European Film Award in the best short film category. The Chicken has won this nomination at the recently closed Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol, and it competes with 14 other titles for the best European short film. European Film Awards ceremony takes place on 13 December 2014 in Riga. More information about the nominees for best short film can be found on this link.

The Chicken Wins Heart of Sarajevo

After the world premiere at the 67th Cannes Critics’ Week in May and the successful festival tour, The Chicken’s Heart of Sarajevo in the short competition of the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival marks a great beginning to the regional festival life. The film’s plot takes place precisely in Sarajevo, in the wartime 1990s, and it was almost entirely filmed in Zagreb as a German-Croatian co-production. The film was written and directed by Una Gunjak, a Sarajevo-born London-based director. The Croatian co-producer is Siniša Juričić from Nukleus film and the film was co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

The Chicken at Montreal World Film Festival

Short fiction film The Chicken directed by Una Gunjak has been selected for Focus on World Cinema programme section of Montreal World Film Festival. The Chicken is a story about a girl who gets a chicken as a present from her father in wartime Sarajevo. The film premiered at the 53rd Critics’ Week in Cannes, and the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival named it the best film in the 15-minute category. The producers are Zak Film Productions (Germany) and Croatian Nukleus film (Croatia), with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. Montreal World Film Festival takes place 21 August-1 September 2014.

Stage Fright Filming Begins in Athens

The filming of the Greek-Croatian-French-Dutch production Stage Fright, the feature debut by the award-winning Greek director and writer Yorgos Zois began in Athens. The Croatian co-producer is Jaako dobra produkcija, and the film is made in association with Tuna film and Nukleus film. Stage Fright speaks about the premiere of the most awaited avant-garde theatre play of the year. The audience take their seats and the show begins. Seven armed young people, with innocent looks on their faces, enter on the stage and randomly select people from the audience… The production of Stage Fright began late in July and will last until 1 September. Most scenes will be filmed at the Pallas theatre in Athens.

Mitch Awarded at FIDMarseille

The feature-length documentary film Mitch – A Diary of a Schizophrenic, directed by Damir Čučić, had its world premiere in the international competition of FIDMarseille, where it was awarded with Special Mention in the Prix Georges de Beauregard International category. The 25th Marseille International Film Festival FIDMarseille took place 1-7 July 2014 and presented a total of 15 films in its official competition. Mitch – A Diary of a Schizophrenic is a documentary autobiography, a portrait of a 42-year-old schizophrenic who plays an active role in its making, opposite two directors and a cinematographer. The film was written by Damir Čučić and Mišel Škorić, and produced by Siniša Juričić.

’Velvet Terrorists’ Awarded in Novi Sad

Documentary film Velvet Terrorists won the FIPRESCI critics at the Cinema City International Film Festival, which was held June 21 to 28, 2014 in Novi Sad (Serbia). Velvet Terrorists (trailer), directed by Peter Kerekeš, co-directed by Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčík is a co-production between Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. It is a film about minor and foiled terrorist plots in former Czechoslovakia. The film had previously won the FEDEORA Award at the 48th edition of the Karlovy Vary IFF, the Tagesspiegel Readers Prize for the best film in the international program at the 64th Berlinale Forum, and was shown in the official program of Hot Docs (Toronto). The explanation of FIPRESCI jury Serbia, composed of Milan D. Špiček President, Dejan Dabic and Boris Gigov, can be read here.

’The Chicken’ Wins Award in Palm Springs

Short fiction film The Chicken, written and directed by Una Gunjak, produced by Zak Film (Germany) in co-production with Nukleus film (Croatia) won the award for the Best Live Action Short 15 Minutes and Under category at the Palm Springs International ShortFest (17 - 23 June 2014). Set in war-time Sarajevo, The Chicken follows Selma, a girl who receives a chicken from her dad for her sixth birthday, but her joy is quickly squashed when she realizes her mother has other plans for the new pet... Earlier this year, The Chicken was selected for the short film competition at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival International Critics’ Week. The full list of Palm Springs International ShortFest winners is available here.

Eurimages Fund Supports animated documentary film project ’Chris the Swiss’

The animated documentary film project Chris the Swiss directed by Anja Kofmel was granted support the 135th meeting of the Board of Management of the Council of Europe′s Eurimages Fund, held from 16 to 20 June 2014 in Sarajevo. The film, produced by Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion (Switzerland) and Nukleus film d.o.o (Croatia) in co-production with (Germany) will be co-funded by Eurimages with the amount of 290.000 euro. At a recent Croatian Audiovisual Centre′s public call for Audiovisual Production in the Minority co-production category (deadline 7 February 2014) Chris the Swiss recieved a grant totalling 100.390 eur. Combining documentary filmmaking and animated sequences, in Chris the Swiss, director Anja Kofmel explores the death of her cousin, a young Swiss journalist who was found dead in Croatia in 1992, during the war in former Yugoslavia. The teaser is available here.

’Houston, We Have a Problem’ Selected for Cross Video Days Pitching in Paris

A crossmedia docu-fiction project Houston, We Have a Problem (trailer) will be presented to potential co-financers, co-producers and broadcasters on Friday, June 20 2014, at a Cross Video Days pitching in Paris. The call for projects of the 5th edition of the Cross Video Days gathered 355 projects from 40 countries. 59 projects from 23 countries have been selected to be part of the Content Market, while 21 projects have been selected for pitching. The full list of selected projects is available here. Houston, We Have a Problem deals with the urban myth according to which the Yugoslav president Tito saved the reputation of the United States in the space race. Writer and co-producer is Bostjan Virc (Studio Virc, Slovenia), while the Croatian co-producer is Sinisa Juricic (Nukleus film, Croatia).

’Houston, We Have a Problem’ selected for NEXT programm at Cannes Film Market

Feature docu-fiction film project Houston, We Have a Problem, directed by Ziga Virc is one of four projects selected to participate in the pitching of NEXT programme which will be held May 14 to 25, 2014 at Cannes Film Market (Next Pavilion, Village International Pantiero). Houston, We Have a Problem deals with the urban myth according to which the Yugoslav president Tito saved the reputation of the United States in the space race. Writer and co-producer is Bostjan Virc (Studio Virc, Slovenia), while the Croatian co-producer is Sinisa Juricic (Nukleus film, Croatia). This is the first edition of the programme NEXT which is dedicated to innovation and new business opportunities in financing, producing and distributing films. Co-organizer of the program is a cross-media platform Cross Video Days. Details about the programme and selected projects are available at this link. Official site of the NEXT programme is available here.

Shooting of ’Full Contact’ Begins on Pag

The filming of Full Contact, a new feature by the acclaimed Dutch director David Verbeek and produced by Lemming Film, began. The film stars French screen celebrities Gregoire Colin, Slimane Dazi and Lizzie Brocheré. Jaako dobra produkcija in association with Nukleus film is in charge of the set. Full Contact is a psychological thriller taking place in the world of present-day warfare. Ivan (35) navigates a drone from base in Nevada, near Las Vegas, and aims for targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is thrown off course by a tragic event: it turns out that a terrorist camp he destroyed was in fact a school, which causes a severe sense of guilt and facing with his victims. The shooting will take place in Zagreb, the island of Pag, the municipalities of Stankovci and Brinje and Kornati islands. The project is an applicant for the incentive measure scheme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

’Velvet Terrorists’ in the official programme of Hot Docs

The Slovak-Czech-Croatian co-production Velvet Terrorists directed by Peter Kerekes, Pavol Pekarcík and Ivan Ostrochovský, which was previously awarded at the Karlovy Vary IFF and Berlinale, will be screened in the official program of the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival Hot Docs in Toronto. Velvet Terrorists will be screened in the World Showcase programme, which brings a global cross-section of the best documentaries from last season. 21st edition of the festival begins today, April 24, and runs until May 4. Croatian co-producer of Velvet Terrorists is Sinisa Juricic from Nukleus film,

’Global Shopping Village’ to Premiere in Linz

Documentary film Global Shopping Village directed by Ulli Gladik, produced by Golden Girls Filmproduction & Filmservices GmbH (Austria), in co-production with Nukleus film, will have its world premiere on April 27, 2014 (1pm, City 2) at the Crossing Europe filmfestival Linz. The film explores the background of the shopping center boom in Europe and introduces us to the key players in the field of design, architecture and marketing, as well as politicians, retailers and consumers. The film is included in the program Shaping the World in 2014.

Una Gunjak’s ’The Chicken’ Selected for 53rd Critics’ Week in Cannes

The German-Croatian co-production The Chicken, written and directed by Una Gunjak, has been selected for the short film competition at the International Critics′ Week, whose 53rd edition takes place 15-23 May during the Cannes Film Festival. The Chicken is the second project by Nukleus film that premiered at the Critics′ Week: Siniša Juričić also co-produced the multiple award-winning film Sofia′s Last Ambulance, which won the France 4 Visionary Award in 2012. Another appearance at the Critics′ Week means that someone is acknowledging what we do, because one time is chance, and three times is luck, said Siniša Juričić. More information is available here.

’Stage Fright’ and ’Chris the Swiss’ recieve HAVC Support

Feature fiction film Stage Fright, directed by Yorgos Zois, has been granted 80.000 EUR at a recent public call for Audiovisual Production in the Minority co-production category (deadline 7 February 2014), while animated feature film Chris the Swiss, directed by Anja Kofmel, recieved a grant totalling 99.500 EUR. Stage Fright is produced by Greek company Pan Entertainment and co-produced by Nukleus Film (Croatia). Chris the Swiss is a Swiss-Croatian co-production involving Dschoint Ventschr Filmprodukction AG and Jaako dobra produkcija d.o.o, respectively. The complete list of grants is available via this link.

The Premiere of ’Mitch’ Cancelled Due to Lawsuit Threat

The documentary film Mitch - Diary of a Schizophrenic directed by Damir Čučić was withdrawn from the programme of the 10th Zagrebdox due to the threat of court proceedings in the event that the film was screened publicly. The film′s producer Sinisa Juricic decided to withdraw the film after the psychiatric hospital where the movie was filmed threatened legal action for unauthorized recording and eavesdropping. On Tuesday, March 11, Croatian Radiotelevision Channel 3 show Treća runda will host doc. dr. Vesna Šendul Jengić, director of the Psychiatric Hospital of Rab and Kristijan Grđan, a member of the Board of Directors of the European Organization for Mental Health. Find out more about the case in Jutarnji list and in Treća runda show on demand.

’Chris the Swiss’ presented at Cartoon Movie Forum

Animated documentary film project Chris the Swiss, directed by Anja Kofmel and co-produced by Nukleus Film, was presented at the Cartoon Movie Co-Production Forum in Lyon (March 5-7).  Chris the Swiss is a biographical story involving two countries - Croatia and Switzerland. The title character is 27-year-old Christian Würtenberg, a Swiss journalist and member of the First Platoon of International Volunteers whose lifeless body was found on the 7th of January 1992 30 km outside of Vukovar. His commander claimed that Chris was killed by a Serbian sniper, but an autopsy showed he was strangled. At the time of his death, Christian′s niece Anja was a little girl. 17 years after his death, she arrives in Croatia from Switzerland to investigate his death. The teaser is available here.

’Velvet Terrorists’ and ’Mitch’ in 10th ZagrebDox Regional Competition

The 10th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox opened yesterday. Mitch - Diary of a Schizophrenic directed by Damir Čučić and produced by Nukleus Film, will have its world premiere at the ZagrebDox on Tuesday, February 25th (11 PM, Theatre 1). The festival will present director Damir Čučić, who presides the ZagrebDox International festival jury, through a retrospective that includes a selection of four of his films. The documentary Velvet Terrorists, directed by Peter Kerekes, Pavol Pekarčik, Ivan Ostrochovsky and co-produced by Nukleus Film will have its premiere at ZagrebDox on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7 PM. Velvet Terrorists received the independent audience jury’s Tagesspiegel Readers Prize at the recently concluded 64th Berlinale. Both films are in the ZagrebDox’s regional competition.

’Velvet Terrorists’ Wins Audience Award in Berlin!

The documentary film Velvet Terrorists has won the independent audience jury award, Tagesspiegel Readers′ Prize, for the best international film in the 64th Berlinale′s Forum section. The award was received by the film′s directors and writers – Peter Kerekes, Pavol Pekarčik and Ivan Ostrochovsky. A nine-member jury said in their explanation that among the 36 films in the Forum category they chose this one because of its brave and ironic approach to a controversial subject matter. It is a film that portrays three radically different characters in the Czechoslovak history, rebels on the brink of terrorism. The outstanding combination of fiction and documentary is especially convincing. The Berlin screening of Terrorists took place on Wednesday and it was the international premiere, and the film was first shown at the latest edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where it won the FEDEORA award for best documentary film in the main section. Velvet Terrorists is a co-production between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia. Croatian co-producer is Siniša Juričić from Nukleus film.

’Full Contact’ selected for When East Meets West

David Verbeek′s feature film project Full Contact got selected for the When East Meets West co-production forum. 22 projects out of 200 entries got selected for this edition of WEMW that will take place in Trieste this January. Full Contact will be Verbeek′s sixth feature film and is a contemporary tale of a man trying to find a new purpose in his life after accidently bombing a school through a remotely operated drone plane. The project was also one of the fifteen projects selected for L′Atelier at the Film Festival Cannes 2011. Full Contact will be produced by Dutch company Lemming Film in co-production with Nukleus Film (Croatia). The film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund. Shooting will start spring 2014 on various locations in Croatia. More info is available here.

’Velvet Terrorists’ Selected for Berlinale Forum

Documentary film Velvet Terrorists, directed by Peter Kerekes, is one of 36 films selected for Berlinale′s Forum section. As has been announced by the organizers, 44th Berlinale Forum program includes films that demonstrate merciless working environments and the absurdities of the cultural establishment. Slovak director Peter Kerekes co-directed the film with Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčík. Velvet Terrorists is a co-production between Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. It is a film about minor and foiled terrorist plots in former Czechoslovakia. 64th edition of Berlin Film Festival will take place February 6 - 16. The list of all films selected for Forum is available here.

’Sofias Last Ambulance’ To Premiere on Croatian Radiotelevision

Documentary film Sofia′s Last Ambulance, written and directed by Ilian Metev will have its premiere on Croatian Radiotelevision (HTV1) on Tuesday January 7, around 9. P.M. Sofia′s Last Ambulance is a story about the adventures of a doctor, nurse and driver working in the emergency ambulance service in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Struggling against an avalanche of absurdities of a crumbling medical system and scarcely earning enough to make a living, these three are trying to save lives. The film is co-produced by Sutor Kolonko (Germany), Nukleus film (Croatia) and SIA (Bulgaria). It premiered in 2012 Cannes Critics′ Week where it was awarded with France 4 Visionary Award. Among other awards, it won Best Documentary Film Award in Karlovy Vary, Silver Dove at Dok Leipzig and Silver Eye Award in Jihlava.

Eurimages Fund Supports documentary film ’Houston, We Have a problem!’

Documentary film Houston, We Have a Problem! directed by Žiga Virc is among 18 projects that were granted support at 133rd meeting of the Board of Management of the Council of Europe′s Eurimages Fund, held from 16 to 19 December 2013 in Vienna. The film, co-produced by Studio Virc d. o. o. (Slovenia) and Nukleus film d.o.o (Croatia) will be co-funded by Eurimages with the amount of 80.000 euro. The list of all supported projects is available here.

’Chris the Swiss’ selected for Cartoon Movie

Chris the Swiss, an animated documentary film project by Anja Kofmel is among 55 projects selected for Cartoon Movie pitching event that will take place 5-7 March 2014 in Lyon. Combining documentary filmmaking and animated sequences, in Chris the Swiss, director Anja Kofmel explores the death of her cousin, a young Swiss journalist who was found dead in Croatia in 1992, during the civil war in former Yugoslavia. Created in 1999, Cartoon Movie is an intense and efficient pitching event intended to create a synergy between producers, investors and distributors of feature-length animation films. Chris the Swiss is produced by Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion (Switzerland) and Nukleus film (Croatia).  It won the Best Project in Development Award at Animafest Pro 2013 Regional Pitching Forum.

’Kismet’ Nominated at IDFA’s Mid-Length Competition

Documentary film Kismet directed by Nina Maria Paschalidiou is nominated for the IDFA Best Mid-Length Documentary Award. With unprecedented access to the industry′s most glamorous talent, Kismet unravels the secrets of phenomenal success of Turkish soap operas which have conquered the hearts of millions across the world. Kismet is a co-production between Greece, Cypruss, Croatia, Bulgaria and UAE. The trailer of Kismet is available here and the official nominations announcement by IDFA can be found here. The winners will be announced on Friday evening, 29 November, at the IDFA closing ceremony in the Compagnietheater, Amsterdam.

’A Somewhat Better Ending’ Participated at Babylon Workshop in London

The first feature film development workshop of the seventh edition of BABYLON Programme was held in October in London. Nukleus Film’s project A Somewhat Better Ending was among the selected projects presented in London by screenwriter Marjan Alčevski. The feature film A Somewhat Better Ending is based on the eponymous book by Bekim Serjanović with Radivoje Andrić (Munje!, 2001; When I Grow Up, I’ll Be a Kangaroo, 2004) set to direct.  Selected filmmakers will meet again in Vienna (Feb 2014) to continue working together on their projects as part of a mentored programme that culminates in the third workshop at the Cannes Marché (May 2014) and is focused on a combination of script development, production skills and market understanding.

’Sofia’s Last Ambulance’ Nominated for Cinema Eye Honors

Documentary film Sofia′s Last Ambulance was nominated for the Cinema Eye Honors for an Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Film. The Cinema Eye Honors were launched in late 2007 to recognize exemplary craft and innovation in nonfiction film. Sofia′s Last Ambulance is an observational documentary film by Bulgarian director Ilian Metev. It premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2012 (Critics′ Week), where it won the Visionary Award. It was the second documentary ever to compete in the section′s 51 year history. The Cinema Eye Honors ceremony will be held in January 2014 in New York.

The Shooting of Short Film ’Chicken’ Starts

Shooting of the short film The Chicken, directed by Una Gunjak, has started in Zagreb at the end of October. Through the story of six-year old Selma, set in wartime Sarajevo, The Chicken tells a broader tale of the absurdity of war. Film editor and director Una Gunjak was born in Sarajevo and is currently living and working in London. The Chicken is her directorial debut. The project was supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (Minority Co-production grant. 2013). In the same year, it was awarded the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung at the GoEast festival in Wiesbaden.

’Kismet’ Selected for IDFA Competition Programme

Documentary film Kismet by Greek based filmmaker Nina Maria Paschalidou made in the co-production with Nukleus Film has been selected in the Competition for Mid-Length Documentary at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival IDFA in Amsterdam. Turkish soap operas have conquered the hearts of millions across the world. With unprecedented access to the industry′s most glamorous talent, Kismet unravels the secrets of this phenomenal success. The trailer of Kismet is available here.

Three Nukleus Film’s Projects Recieve HAVC Support

Feature documentary Houston, We Have a Problem!, directed by Žiga Virc, has been granted 313,500.00 kunas at a recent public call for Audiovisual Production in the Minority co-production category, while short fiction film The Chicken, directed by Una Gunjak, recieved a grant totalling 140,000.00 kunas. Houston, We Have a Problem! is produced by Slovenian company Studio Virc and co-produced by Nukleus Film. The Chicken is a German-Croatian co-production involving German Zak film and Croatian Nukleus film d.o.o production companies. At the same public call, feature documentary film Mlungu - the White King recieved the script development grant of 35,000.00 kunas.

’A Somewhat Better Ending’ Selected for Babylon Development Programme

Feature film project A Somewhat Better Ending was selected to participate in an annual development programme Babylon. The script, written by Marjan Alčevski, is based on an eponymous novel by Bekim Serjanović, while Radivoje Andrić is directing the film. The project has previously participated at Rotterdam Lab and ACE workshop (MEDIA Programme) and is suported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre and SEE CN fund. Babylon is an audiovisual development programme assisting filmmakers of culturally diverse origin to break through into the international mainstream, with a particular interest in migrant and diasporic stories. the first workshop will be held October 16 - 19 in London.

Croatian TV Premiere of ’Cash and Marry’

Documentary film Cash and Marry (2009) directed by Atanas Georgiev was broadcast on Croatian television Channel 1 on October 1 2013 at 21:10 PM. Cash and Marry is a story of two young Balkan men who are prepared to pay thousands of euros in order to get Austrian citizenship. Film was produced by Nukleus film d.o.o (Croatia), Mischief Films (Austria) Trice Films (Macedonia) AND ITVS International (USA).

Shooting of ’Perseverance’ Starts

The shooting of feature fiction film Perseverance directed by Miha Knific has started in Slovenia at the beginning of October. Perseverance consists of 15 stories inspired by true events and characters that span the world and last 60 years. At the same time, Perseverance is a poetic travel through the collective memory of mankind and it tries to answer the questions of who we are, where we do come from and where are we going. Film is produced by Nukleus film and is supported by Slovenian Film Centre.

Siniša Juričić selected for Producers Lab Toronto

Nukleus Film’s Siniša Juričić is among 24 producers selected to participate in this year’s Producers Lab Toronto, a networking platform for experienced feature-film producers from across Canada and Europe. Producers Lab Toronto will be held September 4 - 8 2013 during Toronto International Film Festival.

Two Documentary Projects Supported by HAVC

Feature documentary film The Class directed by Vesna Čudić, produced by Nukleus film d.o.o,  has been granted 390,000.00 kunas at a Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s Public Call for Audiovisual Production (2013). Feature documentary A Million Dollar Life directed by Robert Tomić Zuber, also produced by Nukleus film d.o.o recieved a grant totalling 380,000.00 kunas at the same public call.

"Velvet Terrorists" win award in Karlovy Vary

At the recently closed 48th edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the documentary film Velvet Terrorists won the FEDEORA Award. Velvet Terrorists is a new film by Slovakian documentarian Peter Kerekeš, co-directed alongside Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčik. This Slovakian-Czech-Croatian co-production was co-produced in Croatia by Nukleus film, whose Sofia’s Last Ambulance won the last year’s Grand Prix in the Documentary Films in Competition category. The film won the award for its innovative approach in portraying the communist past by way of humour and creative balance between live-action and documentary segments.

Animated documentary "Chris the Swiss" wins Golden Zagreb award at Animafest Pro

The International Committee of the Animafest Pro 2013 Regional Pitching Forum consisting of Jasmina Kallay, Martina Petrović and Mike Robinson chose the animated documentary Chris The Swiss by Anja Kofmel the best project in development. In addition to the Golden Zagreb award, Animafest’s fund ensured the author financial support amounting to €3000 for further project development. Chris the Swiss is produced by the Swiss company Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, and co-produced by Nukleus Film.

Feature film project "Stage Fright" selected for L’Atelier at Cannes Film Festival

The feature fiction project Stage Fright by Greek director Yorgos Zois, co-produced by Siniša Juričić, was selected as one of the 15 projects in the presentational programme L’Atelier, organised by Cinefondation. The project is produced by Pan Entertainment, one of the leading Greek production companies in the field of audiovisual production. It was presented at CineLink Co-production Market in 2011 and earned the CNC (French Film Centre) development prize, and it was also a winner at TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" at SXSW Festival

Documentary film Sofia’s Last Ambulance was selected for the SXGlobal program of the festival South by Southwest (SXSW) that will take place in Austin (Texas) March 8 - 16 2013. SXGlobal programme covers a wide spectrum of recent films by talented international directors.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" to Open MoMAs Documentary Fortnight

Documentary film Sofia’s Last Ambulance will be screened at the opening of Documentary Fortnight, MoMA’s annual showcase of recent nonfiction film and media. The screening in MOMA will be the film’s US premiere.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" in Goteborg

Documentary film Sofia’s Last Ambulance will be screened at the 26th Goteborg International Film Festival that will take place January 25 - February 4 2013. The film was selected for Festivalfavoriter programme which screens recent festival hits.

"Stage Fright" Awarded at Torino Film Lab

A Yorgos Zois’ feature film project Stage Fright, produced by Maria Drandaki was awarded second prize (accompanied by an 80.000) at the TorinoFilmLab, a major meeting point for international co-productions. Stage Fright is a co-production between Greece, France and Croatia, with Nukleus Film attached as Croatian partner.

Siniša Juričić receives the Annual Albert Kapović Award

The Annual Albert Kapović Award for exceptional contribution to Croatian film was handed to the Croatian producerSiniša Juričić during the opening ceremony of the 10th Zagreb Film Festival.

The committee of the Croatian Producers′ Association consisting of Vanja Jambrović, Marine Andree Škop, Vedran Mihletić, Ivan Kelava and Hrvoje Osvaldić decided for the first time to present the award for exceptional contribution to Croatian cinema – to a producer. The first Albert Kapović Award went to Martina Petrović, head of MEDIA Desk Croatia, while the second went to the Head of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre Hrvoje Hribar.

This year the award arguably went to the graduate of the first generation of production students, Siniša Juričić, for exceptional international effort in budgeting and production of documentary film, and especially for co-producing the peculiar documentary Sofia′s Last Ambulance, the film selected for this year′s Cannes International Film Festival′s official programme. A Croatian film is rarely seen in official selections of prestigious festivals, therefore the Cannes success can be seen as an important step forward in the development of Croatian cinema. May this award additionally motivate him for the development and production of new intriguing film stories which will repeat this year’s success, said the explanation of the Croatian Producers’ Association.

I thank my family for bearing with me, but also another five people who helped the great success of my film: Vanja Sremac, Jadranka Hrga, Ivana Ivišić, Sanja Ravlić from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and the bravest and craziest man of our cinema, whom we thank for the audiovisual centre we are so proud of – Hrvoje Hribar, said Siniša Juričić at the award ceremony.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" wins an award at DokuFest in Prizren

The award-winning Bulgarian-Croatian-German co-production Sofia′s Last Ambulance won the Grand Prix in the Balkan Dox category at the recently closed DokuFest in Prizren (Kosovo). After the France 4 Visionary Award at Cannes Critics′ Week and Grand Prix for best documentary film over 30 minutes of duration at the recently closed Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Sofia′s Last Ambulancecontinued its winning streak, this time at DokuFest, international short and documentary film festival, winning the Grand Prix in the Balkan Dox category.

The jury consisting of Marta Andreu from Spain, Srđan Keča from Serbia and Cinta Peleja from Portugal said: This is an outstanding film with a clear-cut but serene view of the characters it intimately depicts, giving a powerful portrayal of the reality surrounding it. The director is extremely apt in using the potentials of the film to articulate what a scene presents and what it does not present in order to express the essence of a human being in relation to the world and its meaning.

"Sofia’s Last Ambulance" wins an award in Široki Brijeg

Mediterranean Film Festival’s three-member jury, consisting of Israeli director Doron Tsabari, Jovan Marjanović, member of the Filmmakers’ Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo Film Festival’s Industry manager, and Zdenko Jurilj, journalist and director from Široki Brijeg, chose the German-Bulgarian-Croatian film Sofia’s Last Ambulance as the best film of the festival, with the explanation that this film erases the boundaries between documentary and fiction and makes the viewer question basic social values.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" wins Karlovy Vary Grand prix

After the award at Cannes Critics’ Week, the documentary film Sofia’s Last Ambulance won the Grand Prix for best documentary film over 30 minutes of duration at the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

The award was presented to the director Ilian Metev while producers Siniša Juričić (Nukleus Film)and Ingmar Trost were also present at the official festival closing ceremony on Saturday, 7 July.

Best films from the official documentary selection were decided on by a jury presided by American producer Ron Yerxa, and consisting of José Luis Cienuegos, director of Seville European Film Festival, Tizza Covi, Italian director and producer, Pamela Jahn, independent programmer and critic, and Czech producer Jiří Konečný.

"Sofias Last Ambulance" takes France 4 Visionary Award in Cannes

Documentary film Sofia’s Last Ambulance by Ilian Metev, co-produced by Siniša Juručić from Croatia (Nukleus Film) won the France 4 Visionary Award within the 65th Cannes International Film Festival’s Critics’ Week.

France 4 Visionary Award includes 4000 euro grant and promotional services provided by France 4 Visionary before and during cinema distribution in France. The awards were decided by a five-member jury chaired by Céline Sciamma, and consisting of young film critics Victor-Emmanuel Boinem (Belgium), Ryan Lattanzio (USA), Bikas Mishra (India) and Kim Sehee (South Korea). The award ceremony took place on the closing night of the Critics’ Week on Thursday, 24 May.

SOFIAS LAST AMBULANCE a part of Cannes Film Festival

Documentary film "Sofias Last Ambulance" was selected for the 51st International Critics Week programme, taking place 17-25 May at Cannes International Film Festival. The film is a co-production of Germany (Sutor Kolonko Filmproduktion), Bulgaria (SIA Productions) and Croatia (Nukleus Film Croatia).


The International Critics Week is a parallel and very selective section of the Cannes International Film Festival, with only 7 chosen films each year and with around 20 filmmakers taking part. The selection of films for the 2012 Critics Week was at the discretion of a jury consisting of representatives of the French Film Critics Association, presided by the art director, film critic, professor and former editor of Cahiers du Cinema, Charles Tesson.


You can see the list of the chosen films here.

Sinisa Juricic a part of PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE programme


Sinisa Juricic has been selected by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre as a participant of European Film Promotion´s Cannes-based programme PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE. This year, a group of 25 dynamic and handpicked producers from across Europe will take part in EFP´s networking platform between May 19 – 22 during the Cannes International Film Festival. In its 13th year, PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE is again financially backed by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the participating EFP member organisations.
You can read the full press release here.

"Get a Move On!" a part of 6th River Film Festival

Short film "Get a Move On!" is a part of official competition at 6th River Film Festival in Padua, which is to be held May 28th-June 8th.

Nukleus film part of East Doc Platform in Prague

From 5th to 11th Marchin Prague Nukleus film is part of first East Doc Platform - an umbrella industry event dedicated to East European documentary films in all stages of completion. The event follows up on our industry section organized from 2001 in Jihlava. The East Doc Platform is the meeting point for 120 East European filmmakers and producers who seek creative, financial and distribution support.

"Get a Move On" goes to Fantasporto festival

Short film "Get a Move On" is part of Fantasporto festival in Portugal.

Nukleus film participating in WEMW in Trieste

Nukleus film is participating at the co-production event When East Meets West in Trieste from 19th to 21st January. WEMW is a co-production event with the main aim to gather every year film professionals coming from Eastern European countries, Italy and another selected Western European region (a different one every year). Documentary film Mitch - Diary of a szhizophrenic patient is part of a special programme Warm Up.

"Get a Move On" goes to Seoul!

Short film "Get a Move On" is selected among 54 films from 35 countries for the AISFF in Seoul, Korea. This festival is one of the largest and most important festivals in Asia. This year they had 2.173 submitted films from 90 countries.

3rd and last EAVE workshop in Lugano!

Producer Jana Sivak is participating in the last EAVE 2011 workshop in Lugano, Switzerland, from 24th to 31st October. 

"Sofia's Last Ambulance" at the Rough Cut Boutique in Sarajevo Film Festival

Project "Sofia's Last Ambulance" is selected for the Rough Cut Boutique Workshop at Sarajevo Film Festival. This first-time organized workshop will put together filmmakers of the 5 promising documentary projects at rough cut stage with the top documentary experts from Europe. International Film Festival And Forum On Human Rights (FIFDH), Geneva, partner of Sarajevo FF, will grant an award of 1500 EUR for the best project which deals with human rights issue. Rough Cut Boutique workshop is jointly organized by Sarajevo FF and Balkan Documentary Center.

"Get a Move On" in short competition on Motovun Film Festival!

Short film "Get a Move On" is part of the Motovun Film Festival (Croatia) short competition!

"Get a Move On" wins a prize in Mediterranean Film Festival!

"Get a Move On" awarded for best Croatian short in the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split (Croatia). 

"Of Boogers and Men" coming soon!

Short animated film "Of Boogers and Men" out soon!

Decisions Ricochet part of EURODOC Transregional Workshop

Documentary film "Decisions Ricochet" part of EURODOC Transregional Workshop in Marija Bistrica, Croatia.

"Get a Move On" goes to Split!

Short film "Get a Move On" on Festival of Mediterranean Film in Split (Croatia) - 11th - 18th June 2011.

Croatian version of Kinokultura

Check out and follow the croatian version of Kinokultura.

"Get a Move On" part of Cannes Short Film Corner

Short fiction "Get a Move On", directed by Petar Orešković, is amongst Croatian short films presented at this year's Cannes Short Film Corner.

Documentary project "The Class" supported by MEDIA program for development

Documentary project "The Class", directed by Vesna Čudić, is supported by MEDIA program at the last call for proposals for development. The quality of the project was marked as 8th in the creative documentary category. 

Short film "Get a Move On" on RAF

Short film "Get a Move On" presented at RAF festival in Zagreb.

"Cycles" and "Get a Move On" in the program of Libertas Fim Festival

Documentary film "Cycles" by Vladimir Gojun and short fiction "Get a Move On" by Petar  Oreskovic will be screened at this year's Libertas Film Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia (11-17 April 2011).

Croatian Audiovisual Centre gives support to Nukleus film

On the last open call of the Croatian Audiovisual centre Nukleus film was awarded grants for developing two projects: TV script by Petar Orešković and Natko Jurdana for fiction film "Tomica we love you" (working title), directed by Petar Orešković and TV series for children and youth named "Little explorers" that is going to be developed by Dražen Šivak and Petar Orešković.

Project »Sofia

Documentary project "Sofia's last Ambulance" directed by Ilian Metev is amongst selected for the When East Meets West co-production forum. The forum will be held in Trieste from 19th to 21st January 2011.  The aim is to encourage cooperation between Eastern European countries and Italy and one other Western European country in focus: in the 2011 edition the Western selected country will be France.

Project »Mitch« selected for DocsBarcelona

Documentary film "Mitch", directed by Damir Cucic, was selected to be part of the DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum. The forum will be held in Barcelona on 3rd and 4th March 2011.

Nukleus film part of EAVE 2011

Jana Sivak was selected as participant at EAVE 2011 (European Audiovisual Enterpreneurs) with the documentary project "Mitch". Workshops will be held in March, June and October in Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland.